Welcome to the new Beaverwood Products website, well overdue (down to us, not our web designers!) and published in time for Christmas. 
We intend to use this space to advise you of new products and special offers, plus stories behind the amazing, special and bespoke items we are asked to produce, alongside the run of the mill products of logs, beams and fencing. 
The bespoke items are invariably a challenge but we do enjoy them. 
Too numerous to mention, but some examples are – wooden platters for medieval themed weddings, a replacement for a rotted timber chassis of a vintage vehicle, display items for florists and untreated planks with bark left on to make aviaries for birds of prey. 
Keep checking in for regular updates on our unusual jobs as well as tips and tricks on everything from storing your logs properly to starting your fire with orange peel. 


So, after 36 years we have decided to have a change of branding here at Beaverwood Products. To coincide with the launch of our new website we have had a completely new set of company images designed.  
The designs have been done by Jon, who had a pretty unique perspective for this job compared to most of his work. He's a member of the Beaverwood family and before becoming a graphic designer worked with us. So it really is our new logo not just one done by someone who has no idea what we're all about. 
So we hope the new brand helps reflect how professional we are as well as how seriously we take our business. Keep an eye out for our new business cards or ask if we have one when you next come in (we're pretty excited about them as well, they're home made). 
Designed and created by it'seeze
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